Content Cluster Muster [01-20-22]

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And Now For Something Completely Different

A Song I Really Like For Some Reason

Even When You Think It Is an Open Road, You Should Still Not Take the Corners Too Quickly

More here.

Also Known as the Midterm Variant

Jokes I Like to Tell

One Sunday morning a wife came into their bedroom while her husband was still buried under the blankets. It was after 9 am, and she had the breakfast going.

“You need to get up, dear,” she said.

A negative sound of some sort, kind of a snort, came from under the blankets.

“You need to get up now if you want breakfast before we head off to church.”

Her husband rolled over and a couple of bleary eyes looked up at her. “Don’t want to go to church,” he said.

“We have to go to church,” she said. “And you will need your breakfast.”

“Look. Why go to church? I don’t like anybody there, and nobody there likes me. I don’t see any point in it.”

“We always go to church,” she said.

By this point he was propped up on an elbow, and he was warming to his subject. “In fact,” he said, “think about this. Can you give me three good reasons for going to church? Give me three good reasons, and I will think about it.”

She looked down at him compassionately, and thought for a minute.

“Well, first” she said, after a minute, “you are the pastor . . .”

Open Road Color

More here, as per our usual custom.

When Q&A Sessions Go Awry

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10 months ago

This all made me laugh, yet I amsorrowful.

10 months ago

I wonder how many boosters it will take to slow down Anothercon? Jab-happy Israel isn’t faring well with Omicron.
Israel, One of Most Vaccinated Countries in the World, Sets New COVID-19 Case Record (