Content Cluster Muster [02-03-22]

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Eerily Prescient

Okay. A Must Read.

As in, here.

Really Worth the Click Through

Something you gotta see . . .

It Is the Way

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

Jokes I Like to Tell

One time a country feller was off to take in the lights and sights of the big city. He had a grand time while there, taking in the theater, a couple of museums, and all those sorts of things. He also spent some time gawking at the huge skyscrapers, thinking that they were scarcely to be believed. All in all, it was the best vacation he had had in years.

The last night of that vacation, while going back to his hotel from a Broadway musical, which he had thoroughly enjoyed, he got confused about which stop was his, and he got off a tad too early. The really bad part of this was that he found himself walking in a really bad part of town. It was a block or two before he realized his mistake, but once he realized it he turned around immediately in order to head back to the subway.

But as he did, about five shadowy figures stepped out of an alleyway, and promptly surrounded him. “Looks like we got a live one, Johnny,” one of them said.

“That’s how it seems to me,” one of the others replied.

“Time to give us your wallet,” a third one said.

“I don’t sees how’s I’m a gonna,” the country feller said.

Because this group of thugs did not believe in messing around, one of them took a swing, and found himself sitting on the pavement. With that, a general melee followed, and the country boy held his own. He acquitted himself well, but at the end of the day it was five against one. That meant that after about ten minutes, they had him on the ground, with three of them holding him down. The leader of the gang, filled with grudging respect, reached down and pulled out the country boy’s wallet, and looked inside. He was astonished to find that the wallet contained the pitiful amount of four dollars.

He looked down at their victim, and said, “That was quite a fight there, son. You put up that kind of a fight to save four dollars?”

“Heck, no,” the young man said. “I thought you were after the $500 in my boot.”

Yeah. Something More Relevant.

Necessity the Mother of Invention

A Voice From the Grave

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Joshua Lister
Joshua Lister
1 year ago

Doug, any chance that you will be writing some thoughts on that Daily Wire article?

J.F. Martin
J.F. Martin
1 year ago
Reply to  Joshua Lister

And adding a comment on the Twitter hug between David French, Ray Ortlund, and Aaron Renn? I think most online loyalty resembles Hushai more than the men of Jabesh-gilead.

1 year ago

I might find that top picture a lot eerier if I had any idea what it was.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jane

Mad Max, Eh!

1 year ago
Reply to  JohnM

Still waiting for Max to show up in his native Australia, which needs him even more than Canada right now.