The Content Cluster Muster (9.19.19)

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It’s Good to be a Man

It's Good To Be A Man / Part 1 / Douglas Wilson

It's Good To Be A Man / Part 1 / Douglas Wilson

Posted by CRF – Collegiate Reformed Fellowship on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A Sad and Tragic Tale, Whoever It Is

And more here . . .

On Captain Fantastico, or Whoever He Is

The Epstein Future

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Nathan Smith

Anyone know who publishes this genius times website. Have they been around a while? They don’t seem to have a Wikipedia page or an “about” page on their site. I tried to look them up on Twitter. Seems their acct is suspended. So that’s a plus. Just curious. I’d never heard of them until today.

Mike Bowgren
Mike Bowgren

It’s genesius times, a “fake news” website. They have some hilarious stuff up.


Not fake news, satire. Fake news is false reporting intended to be believed. Satire is just satire.