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#KeepTheFeast Bible Reading Challenge (2019-2020)

#KeepTheFeast with us, and join the Bible Reading Challenge! Share with your family and friends!

Christ Church 发布于 2019年8月17日周六

CT on classical Christian Education, with shout-outs to Logos, ACCS, and Yours Truly

The best overview I’ve seen of the classical Christian education movement.

Jack Bradley 发布于 2019年8月23日周五

A Useful Exchange on Apologetics

That’d Be a Nice Open Road if There Weren’t a Car in the Way

Artwork for the Logos Library

A quick painting of Billy Goats Gruff for the Logos Library. #watercolor #librarian #kidlitart #childrensillustration #billygoatsgruff #trollbridge

Illustrator/Author Jessica Linn Evans 发布于 2019年8月27日周二

We Need to See the Horrors of Abortion

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And if you like that artwork from Jessica (and who wouldn’t?), be sure to get your hands on her new picture book coming out this fall. It’s delightful! 😃

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My “Comment” to Sumpter article on Van Til: DAVID SAYS August 29, 2019 at 12:15 pm No critique or discussion of Van Til can claim it is complete or scholarly if it fails to interact with Van Til’s most worthy and effective representative of his presuppositional apologetic, Greg Bahnsen. While one could say, “John Frame has been perhaps Van Til’s greatest popularizer and disciple,” I don’t believe anyone remotely familiar with Bahnsen’s books, articles, video talks and debates on apologetics and Van Til in particular could conclude that anyone is more qualified to speak to Van Til’s apologetic method. Even… Read more »

Luke Joyner

I imagine that Sumpter would agree with you regarding Bahnsen and Oliphant, but since his purpose was to write a blog post and not a book, he limited his cast of characters.