The Content Cluster Muster (8.22.19)

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An Interesting Interview

Snopes Fighting Dirty

Babylon Bee vs. Snopes

Our CEO was on Fox last night discussing fact checks, and why this latest one from Snopes was particularly egregious.

The Babylon Bee 发布于 2019年8月2日周五

Rock Concert or Cotton Harvest?

They Say Young Earth Creation is Absurd

SBC’s attempt to Use Critical Theory


FIRE 发布于 2019年8月6日周二

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As soon as I saw that last video, I thought, “I hope Doug sees this. It’s eminently Cluster-Muster-worthy.

(Also, please bring back WordPress login.)

Joe Ardeeser

kyriosity – when you say bring back the WordPress login, are you referring to logging into the comments section via WordPress, or something else? The plugin we’re using for commenting doesn’t have a WP option… but maybe there’s a setting I can’t find.


Ah, yes, the comments thing is what some of us have been hoping for.


Just signed in via Twitter, and it switched all my comments to my Twitter avatar. No likey.


Now back with the email option and the annoying captcha, but it didn’t switch my pic back.

Joe Ardeeser

Hmm… I’m not sure what’s going on there. That’s all on the plugin side of things and I don’t think I have control over it. Maybe you can use Google or Facebook instead?

Joe Ardeeser

btw kyriosity … revamping the comment styles to match the rest of the site. It may take a few days… but it’ll look better when we’re done.

Joe Ardeeser

kyriosity – an update on logging in via WordPress. I’m not sure how this worked on the previous website, but I was able to add a custom WordPress login button next to the social login options. You should be able to login with your WordPress account now.

One caution: Do this before typing in your comment as it will automatically redirect to the login screen and won’t keep the text intact.

Let me know if you have any issues.


That is how it worked before and that is definitely preferable.

Joe Ardeeser

Thanks for the context Jane


If a princess kisses those web-footed humans will they turn back into normal ones?