The Content Cluster Muster (6.30.16)

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Loving Brothers in Error

From Pastor Toby, very good observations here!

Here’s an excerpt:

Given the harsh world around us full of violence and terror and murder, the Church is called to be a massively different kind of place. We have the blood of Jesus that is for the reconciliation of all things in heaven and on earth. We have the Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth, who convicts us of sin, who binds us together in Christ.


I hope to do more than just fill the blank spaces of the internet world with “content” — but this does help to get the point across. We need more than contentless content.

Introducing LEAF

After 35 years of being at the helm of Logos, the classical Christian school which Christ Church initially started, and which is now an independent parent-run school, my good friend Tom Garfield has been commissioned by the Logos board to take the mission onward and outward, and it is rather exciting territory into which he is venturing. Get a sample of where this particular ship is headed. All you have to do is click that little arrow thingy.

Suffering, Healing, and the Prayer of Faith (Part 1)

Sam Storms, pastor of Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City, OK, just finished a four part series on prayer, which, on the whole, was quite good. Sam is a “non-cessationist” so some of his treatment with prayers for healing go beyond where I would, but the exhortation to pray, and pray in faith, can never be given too frequently.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

An Exhortation to Sardis

A bit-by-bit exposition of the book of Revelation is continuing over at the Christ Church web site. And while you are there, explore a little bit.

Canon Classics

canon classics - canon press - moscow idahoFinally, a plug for Canon Press. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is well worth perusing their “Canon Classics” section.  It is an ever-expanding of classic works of literature which should probably be on everyone’s bucket list. Great for gifts, schools, or bookworms who have failed to yet read such titles.

As this series rolls out, you will discover that the plan is to have a “worldview guide” to accompany each one, separately published.

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Andrew Roggow
Andrew Roggow
6 years ago

Would any of the LEAF resources be useful for homeschool parents?

Daniel Foucachon
6 years ago
Reply to  Andrew Roggow

Andrew, as someone involved with producing some of the resources for LEAF, a homeschooler myself, and a publisher of homeschool materials (Roman Roads Media), I would say YES! Not so much the administration and boards resources, but the teacher resources. Particularly for the parent that wants to be directly involved in the teaching of their kids.
LEAF just published a sample workshop on their FB page so you can see what I mean:

Andrew Roggow
Andrew Roggow
6 years ago

Thanks, Daniel! I may take a look at it.

6 years ago

“… some of his treatment with prayers for healing go beyond where I would …”

and therefore you wouldn’t be allowed to teach or preach there.

How weird is that.

6 years ago

This is a good series. Thank you for posting it.

Becky Pliego
Becky Pliego
6 years ago

Pastor TJS’s article is excellent. No doubt -at least for me!- one of the hardest things in the Bible to obey.

Also, thank you so much for the links to Mr. Storms’ series on prayer. It is always refreshing to know which teachers your pastor listens to.