The Content Cluster Muster (6.23.16)

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The Trinity and Narrow Gauge Complementarianism

If you are following the current debate on the Trinity — and why wouldn’t you be? — I would also encourage you to throw this in the mix. Part of our problem is that we are debating a very narrow gauge complementarianism, as opposed to a full-orbed comprehensive complementarianism.

 A Clear Conscience

Grace Agenda 2016 Talks

Click here to watch the talks from our GraceAgenda 2016 conference: Darwin’s Dead End. Also, check back here for information regarding GraceAgenda 2017 – Reformation 500!

Mothers & Culture Building Seminar

My daughter, Rachel, will be hosting a weekly, online seminar, sponsored by CanonPress. It will run for four weeks and the first session is July 6! Sign-up ASAP.

 The Glory of Sex

Ben Zornes is new on staff with Christ Church; he runs his own blog which I commend that you visit. He recently wrote on the need for the 21st century church to seek to form a creed for biblical sexuality.

Grace & Peace: Revelation #25

I’ve moved my Grace & Peace meditations over to By the way, there is a lot going on over there you won’t want to miss and which is coming down the pipe…stay tuned.

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Steve Perry
Steve Perry
7 years ago

“the need for the 21st century church to seek to form a creed for biblical sexuality.”

This cultural sexual tsunami will only keep getting bigger, until God’s edenic visible creed of creation is made manifested in heaven again by God’s repentant people. But even then, it might take generations for the Lords displeasure to be calmed. If worship matters that much, what is disgraceful worship according to Paul? Is it really if a woman has her hair shaved short or shorn? But doesn’t nature itself teach us that already.