The Content Cluster Muster (5.9.19)

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Grace Agenda Talks Are Up

SNL Can be funny, sometimes

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Nancy Pearcey With Some good points

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“Pete Buttigieg, an Episcopalian Mayor of the city of South Bend, and “his” husband, Chasten Glezman.”

Why the scare quotes around “his”? If you want to denigrate his marriage, shouldn’t they be around “husband”?


Good point, but I think we wouldn’t really want to denigrate the marriage, either. We should deny it.

Nathan Smith

I wondered that myself. Had the same exact thought. I assume she wanted to stress it – like italics – so we didn’t miss that it really is a man with a “husband.” (I couldn’t write it without the scare-quotes.) Could have just been lazy writing, but Pearcy isn’t generally lazy.


I thought the same thing.

But after some deliberation, though this may be finding something where it is not, I thought that they might be highlighting the irony of his and husband being side by side.

Only in our perversely twisted culture is this sentence even coherent.

The Commenter Formerly Known As fp
The Commenter Formerly Known As fp

He’s not married. Kinda hard to denigrate something that isn’t.


Buttigieg is taking the gay pride parade to a whole new level of self-conscious hubris. Rather than revel in the usual in-your-face debauchery and lawlessness, he has cleaned the outside of the cup. He has girded himself with a polished belt of self-righteousness. He’s publicly attaching the name of the Christian faith to his perversion, as though that will give him some ground of moral authority. Pride still goeth before a fall.