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Merkle and DeMar

President's Podcast: Gary DeMar

Darwin Denied will be back next week, but today we have something brand new for you! President Ben Merkle sat down with Dr. Gary DeMar to discuss the state of modern education!Let us know what you think about the discussion in the comments!

New Saint Andrews College 发布于 2019年4月30日周二

Nothing Bad Will Come from This Technology

Christ Kirk App

We Demand Representation

Toby on the Synagogue Shooting

Now Do this With NFL Linebackers

Be Like Alabama

Serenading Our Cars

Peter Hitchens and I have a running joke/debate over the comparative value of trains or cars as a means of transportation, Peter valuing trains more highly than he ought. I have made the point that Americans have a thing about cars. I mean, we sing songs to them, and about them. We serenade our cars.

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I’ll pit this against your car songs any day. And there’s more where that came from. Having spent eleven years of my younger life (ages 11 to 22) relying on Baltimore City’s public transportation for everyday travel, standing on corners in all manner of weather and encountering all manner of human depravity, I’ll stick with cars, but for longer distances, train rides can be blissful. The route between Baltimore and my grandparents’ (now my mother’s) New Hampshire home was nine uninterrupted hours of crochet time. Can’t drive and crochet. Air travel doesn’t have the same relaxation factor. And if crocheting… Read more »


That piece by Toby is incredibly tin-eared. Can he really not see a difference between a synagogue shooting and street violence in Chicago? Its like asking why people got so upset about 2,991 people dying on 911 when over 3,000 are killed each day in car accidents. Or why did the easter bombings in Sri Lanka get so much press when there were more homicides in the secularist paradises of Cental America that week? Must be the media’s pro-christian bias… Also, this: “The reason this story has legs, the reason the media hyperventilates over this tragedy (and it really was… Read more »

Jill Smith
Jill Smith

I thought it was just me who was struggling with this piece. He seems to be saying that multiculturalism is bad in itself (not simply bad when it is treated as an idol) and that it naturally results in bad things like people murdering Jews at prayer. Certainly Earnest’s resentment over having to live among people he regarded as alien and inferior contributed to his loathing of the Jews. But I think Toby is overlooking Earnest’s explicitly religious motive for his intended mass slaughter: “for their persecution of Christians of old (including the prophets of ancient Israel—Jeremiah, Isaiah, etc.), members… Read more »

Ken B
Ken B

Trains – a transport of delight!!