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Collision for Free


In 2009, COLLISION exploded onto the scene, changing the face of religious, faith-based documentaries. Director Darren Doane's style was light years ahead of what would become the new standard for in-your-face, hard-hitting, stylistically-engaging debate films. And now, for the first time, it is being made available now for FREE.ABOUT: COLLISION pits the late, leading atheist, political journalist, and author, Christopher Hitchens (God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything) against fellow author and evangelical theologian, Pastor Douglas Wilson, on a debate tour arguing the topic “Is Religion Good For The World?”. Lives and worldviews collide as Hitchens and Wilson wittily and passionately argue the timeless question, proving to be perfectly matched intellectual, philosophical, and cinematic rivals.Christopher Hitchens personally approved the edit of the film, calling Douglas Wilson, "the most evenly matched and enjoyable opponent I have ever faced."This film is a new-era classic for anyone involved in apologetics, culture, and speaking the truth clearly in the public square.

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155 of 2,650 miles completed! Dr. Feucht is checking in daily via satellite powered GPS unit. Follow the updates here: #thirdmill

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Local Folks…Come out to Hear the Greyfriars Preach

Why Do Those Colors Go Together?

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Some Great Info on the KJV

Of great interest . . .

A Compelling Question


Snopes Fact-Checking Babylon Bee

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Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller

I love that their justification for fact-checking a satire website is that “it is inevitable in today’s misinformation age that some people will see, believe, and keep scrolling.” True? In this case, probably not, and even if it was, just clicking through to the, you know, original Bee article itself would be a perfectly adequate… um… fact check.


The Onion shows up on Snopes quite regularly, so perhaps we should see this as a sign of arrival for the Bee.