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The Legacy of Scientific Racism

And All of Them Beckon

And there is more here . . .

Ask Doug Is Up and Running Again

Spelling Matters


Electric Insomnia 发布于 2019年2月28日周四

Global Warming Consensus

Forbes ran this great article highlighting that although the media likes to tout the fact that “scientists agree” about man-caused global warming, the truth indicates that the real consensus amongst scientists is on the side of skepticism about the nature and cause of “global warming.”

Also, Two Types of Pastors

Good Stuff from the CP blog

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Edward Amsden
Edward Amsden

That Forbes article has been disappeared very quickly since you linked to it. (returns 404 when I go to the link). It still shows up in search results, so it hasn’t been gone for very long. I tried find it on but their search server seems to be broken right now.