The Content Cluster Muster (3.14.19)

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A word on Revoice From Covenant Seminary

But please make a point of noticing where the indignation is aimed.

Scholarly Journals are a Joke

Really Worthwhile . . .

This article by Steven Wedgeworth is platinum grade.

Roads, Of Course

Two this time, and more here.

Her Majesty?

So Brave

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The scholarly journals thing has been fascinating to watch. They’ve got a bunch of follow-up videos here:


I have tried to be charitably optimistic about the whole PCA/Revoice/Covenant thing, but that video was about as bad as I could have imagined. No one would expect the president of Covenant to come out and say that everything promoted at Revoice was just fine and dandy at Covenant, but he went as far toward that as could possibly be expected in the current climate. “We don’t teach that here, but I actually don’t have one. single. word of condemnation to offer the whole project.” I don’t think for a moment he agrees with what’s being pushed at Revoice, but… Read more »