The Content Cluster Muster (2.14.19)

For Prospective NSA Students

These are the Sorts of Videos That need to go far and wide

Mother rejects abortion three times

Have you seen this sweet story? While pregnant, Suzanne was told by three different doctors to abort her preborn baby. She refused abortion every time and chose to give her child a chance at LIFE! Now, her daughter, Rachel, is 20!

Family Research Council 发布于 2018年8月11日周六


Darwin Denied #1 | Darwin's Black Box

New Saint Andrews College Faculty members, Dr. Gordon Wilson and Pastor Doug Wilson have come together to discuss some of their favorite books regarding Darwinism. This week they tackle Darwin's Black Box!

New Saint Andrews College 发布于 2019年2月12日周二

Pastoral Counseling in a Gif

Go Forth, My Children

Open Path With Deer

And more here.

Proverbs with Toby

Alphabet Family Tree

Some Things Are Hard to Swallow

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