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Christopher Casey
Christopher Casey
John Callaghan
John Callaghan

Camerarius’ lament in 1555 sounds familiar today:

“Education, and life in general, too, has become quite other from what we were accustomed to in our boyhood [circa 1510’s]. What zeal at one time inspired the students and in what honour was learning held; what hardships men were ready to endure in order to acquire but a modicum of scholarship is still to-day a matter of tradition. Now, on the other hand, learned studies are so little thought of owing to civil disturbances and inward dissensions that it is only here and there that they have escaped complete destruction.”


Brandon M Franklin

In response to the reformation love videos, and in conjunction with No Quarter November, I was hoping to hear your honest opinions about the power left in the reformation and if the current state of the spiritual war is ripe for a 2nd reformation.