The Content Cluster Muster (11.08.18)

I Could Go for That

As always, more here . . .

New Canonball!

Why Venezuela is the perfect example of what socialism results in

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Keep Portland Normal?

Every Hipster in Portland

Every Hipster in Portland

John Crist 发布于 2018年11月7日周三

As the kids say…the next 2 years are gonna be lit!

Trump Explodes On Acosta!

"You are a rude terrible person" Donald Trump explodes on acosta at a press breifing.

The Daily Caller 发布于 2018年11月7日周三

In defense of Classical education

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Nathan Smith

Joe Rigney – author of Things of Earth – seems like a neat guy. I’ve heard him on some podcasts or somewhere though its been a while (I remember listening while I stained my deck I think in the Spring of 2017). He did a lecture on alcoholic beverages that I thought was good. I haven’t read this Things of Earth but his book on Narnia (Live Like a Narnian – if memory serves) is pretty good. I would recommend that one to anyone interested in Lewis or Narnia. Currently getting a dose of Christology from Jones’s Know Christ, which… Read more »