The Content Cluster Muster (11.05.20)

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An Great Review of an Interesting Book

Jed Asks for All of Us

Great Photo, But He Might be on the Wrong Side of the Road

Mablog Scripture Index

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The Indispensability of Venn Diagrams

As seen on the web . . .

Reasonable Question . . .

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Corey Reynolds
Corey Reynolds

I’m glad the TGC reviewer went into cautionary mode toward the end of that review. Heiser is a danger to the church. As he crafts his angelic taxonomy from more an more extrabiblical sources, he floats pretty far away from the things that God decided to tell us in His Word. And as the reviewer pointed out: he goes so far in one direction that his imagined tale actually begins to contradict true biblical revelation.


That looks like the a road in Milford, or nearby. Even more stunning than in appears there. Here is the approach from the other side:comment image

And driving on the right is the newest innovation, just saying.


Ecochondriacs on the canonpress website has the incorrect pdf link from the book page. It links to your NQN anthology from last year.

Tim Roach
Tim Roach

Resisting a bath needs to be moved to the center to include Marxist.