The Content Cluster Muster (10.08.20)

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Grace Agenda Talks

All of the main conference talks are out! Men’s and women’s pre-conference talks will be released over the next few weeks. Download the ChristKirk app or subscribe to the ChristKirk sermon podcast feed to have them delivered!

Open Your Church

Comparative Lit

Leviticus w/ Dr. Tim Edwards (BRC Podcast)

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Stop and Look

More here.

Grace Agenda 2020 Manifesto
We want God to make us into genuinely countercultural people. The only way to be that way is to mortify your lusts and love heaven. That is what true countercultural living is.

Birds in Flight

Gary DeMar’s FLF Talk

Work In, Work Out
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3 years ago

Are ALL of the main conference talks out? I could only find a five-minute version of the Manifesto talk, and now even that seems to have disappeared from YouTube.

Shawn Paterson
Shawn Paterson
3 years ago
Reply to  kyriosity

They are all available on the ChristKirk YouTube and app.

3 years ago
Reply to  Shawn Paterson

OK, I can find the Manifesto video again, but it’s still only five minutes long…not the whole talk.