The Content Cluster Muster (11.04.21)

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If You Happen to Be in India

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Where Is Your Loyalty?

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Yeah, I Remember Then

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Jokes I Like to Tell

One time there were two country cousins who lived together up in the mountains in a beautiful lake cabin. They had a city cousin that they liked well enough, at least when they got together at family reunions and such. One time, at one of these family reunions, the three of them were talking and realized that the city cousin had never visited them up at their idilic place in the mountains. So they invited him to come up for a week’s vacation, and they would teach him to hunt and fish and everything, the whole nine yards. He was particularly pleased about the possibility of bear hunting.

So the city cousin was really excited about this, and so he went to Cabela’s and bought every conceivable thing that might have to do with hunting or fishing—traps, rods, rifles, and so on. He was really equipped.

But when he was pulling up their long drive, his country cousins spotted all that gear, and decided to have a little bit of fun with him. When he went to unload the gear, they stopped him, apologized for not telling him this before he spent all that money, but “up here,” they said, “we just go bear hunting with our hands.” They would show him how the next day.

Of course he apologized for being such a novice, and they spent the evening catching up before they all went to bed.

In the morning, the two country cousins thought they would reveal the joke over breakfast, but when they tapped on his door, there was no answer. They looked in, and the bed had been slept in, but their cousin was gone. They looked outside, and his car was still there, and they stood on the front porch puzzling over it.

Suddenly they heard a faint and distant cry, from the far side of the meadow across from the cabin. The cry was Open the door! Open the door! To their horror and dismay, they saw their city cousin running for his life across the meadow, with a huge bear on his tail, swiping at him as he ran. He was continuously yelling open the door!

They felt awful, but jumped inside the cabin, holding the door open, and began cheering their cousin on. They had to admit that he was pretty fast, but then again, so was the bear. They were yelling for him to come on! And he was yelling about opening the door. The city cousin ran straight up to the cabin, but at the last minute he jumped to the side. He was very adroit, and the bear just went barreling into the cabin.

With that the city cousin reached in and slammed the door shut, and yelled into the window, “Okay! You guys skin that one, while I go get another one!”

Open Road Color Contrast

More here, as per our usual custom.

Necessity the Mother of Invention

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26 days ago

That “joke” was played out in the movie Jeremiah Johnson when Will Geer’s character is showing Robert Redford’s character how to catch a bear.

Last edited 26 days ago by LifeguardLess
Stephen Steeds
Stephen Steeds
26 days ago

I have heard as the difference between and evangelist and a pastor (the one inside the cabin!)

Forever young
Forever young
25 days ago

Looking forward to watching your talk with the kind folk Christians in India. One day I want to visit the Dali Llama…and tell him about Jesus.

Adam Parower
Adam Parower
25 days ago

We exist for the sake of our King, not the other way around.