Content Cluster Muster [02-10-22]

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An Important Piece on Abortion and Evangelical Leaders

Great article in The American Spectator, here.

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

Should Panic Porn Win the Triple Crown?

A Conference You Might Be Interested In

More info here.


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The Same People All Right

Jokes I Like to Tell

Once there was a young lady who was blonde, as it turns out. That is neither here nor there, for those who might be concerned about unfair generalizations, but it was the case that she was in fact blonde.

She was very excited because she was about to take an extended vacation in Paris, and she had never been out of the country before. All the initial parts of the trip went swimmingly. She had saved up sufficient money beforehand to fly first class, so that was wonderful. And while she was relaxing there, enjoying every minute, the flight attendant came over the loudspeaker and told everyone that if they wanted to brush up on some rudimentary French, there was a special channel devoted to that in their armrest, channel 8.

So she got a packet of ear buds, plugged it in, found channel 8, and for the last three hours of the flight listened as intently as she had ever listened anything before in her life. Her brow was furrowed, and her eyes were straight ahead.

When they deplaned in Paris, she was really excited to try out something of what she had learned. On the way to baggage claim, she thought she should stop at a little airport coffee joint and try out her new skills. So she stood in line for a few minutes, and when she came up to the counter, the barista looked up at her expectantly. Their eyes met, and she said, “Brrxxhkksstztics . . .”

Open Stairway In Lieu of Road

More here, as you might expect.

Although the Pancakes Were Better Than the Decisions Will Likely Be

Important note! If you did not realize that the woman in the picture is Aunt Jemima (forced off syrup bottles because of political correctness), then the meme fails as the joke I intended, and it really could be offensive to some who are not cupcakes. Not the intention at all. And thanks to my friend who brought this up.

A Friend Submitted This . . .

So Stay Prepared, My Friends

More Podcastery

And here was another podcast interview I was privileged to do.

I Never Thought I Would be Missing the Old Days

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2 years ago

Brrxxhkksstztics . . . what?????

Amanda Wells
Amanda Wells
2 years ago
Reply to  HC

It’s static?

Sean Carlson
Sean Carlson
2 years ago
Reply to  Douglas Wilson

If a joke has to be explained it might be best left unsaid

2 years ago
Reply to  Sean Carlson

More likely, it’s a joke better told than written.

2 years ago
Reply to  Douglas Wilson

Your jokes are almost as incomprehensible as your “novels” are. Trust me, you really need an editor, but good with that, too.