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New Book From Canon

Psalms for Trials | Lindsey Tollefson

Now Available for pre-order! Lindsey Tollefson's debut book is here: Psalms for Trials – Meditations on Praying the Psalms foreword by Rachel JankovicPre-order now:

Canon Press 发布于 2018年9月18日周二

Not Slippery at All

A Better Way of Medical Care

Ahh…Simpler Times

What It Means to “Go for the Throat”

So Who Does He Like?

Kids in the Worship Service

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On Vegas November, Did you wake up recently and think, I don’t have enough controversy in my life?

Suggestion for an essay. If democracy should women have the vote?

Or perhaps just suffrage requirements for democracy if that is more amenable.


Another suggestion for your November experiment: Make a list (just a plain-old list) of specific acts, habits, etc. that are effeminate. No qualifications. Most things I’ve read on effeminacy only speak in generalities without giving many specific examples.


For the coming “No Quarter November,” potential themes, topics, issues to address: 1. Mature Empathy versus the false empathy of the quislings, mollycoddlers, and the milquetoast . 2. Polytheististic Pluralism and Secularism 3. The sins and injustices of socialism 4. The sacred cows and false gods of the Evangelical intelligentsia and the “socially justified” parachurch ministries 5. What are the clear divisions and limitations of God’s law and economy in the ministry of justice (magistrate), the ministry of mercy (church), the ministry of welfare and education (family), and the ministry of dominion (self-government) 6. Loving the Muslim and Biblically Discerning… Read more »