The Content Cluster Muster (09.09.21)

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Jokes I Like to Tell

Once upon a time, a number of decades ago, public schools used to be more open to displays of faith than they are now. And so one time an elementary school teacher had a segment of their “show and tell” time that emphasized the religious faith commitments of their respective homes. The children were told to bring some object in to school that said something about the faith practices of their household.

The first student to go was a young Catholic boy, who brought in a crucifix that was hanging on the wall of their dining room. He showed it to the class, and explained the significance of it, and the class was quite interested. He did a fine job actually.

The next day a Jewish girl brought in a painting that featured a Star of David in it. She explained that this painting was hanging in their living room, and she used the occasion to talk about the history of modern Israel, and her family’s Judaism. She too did a fine job.

The third day a Muslim student brought in his father’s prayer rug, and he explained the responsibility that devout Muslims have to pray facing Mecca five times a day. The class, again, was fascinated.

The last day belonged to a young Baptist boy. He stood up in front of the class and began his talk. “I am a Baptist,” he said, “and this is a casserole . . . “

Open Road and Red Leaves

Do You Believe in Total Depravity Now?

A State of Mass Psychosis

I think that is a good way to describe it, as a friend of mine recently did.

Another Wee Book O’Mine

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1 year ago

Doesnt the old testament say multiple times that God’s judgment involved mass confusion?

Mass hysteria and confusion should be expected.

1 year ago
Reply to  Nathan

Confusion about things that shouldn’t be confusing.

NPR (a favorite source of certain wokescolds here) reported that they replaced objects inside a time capsule at the base of General Robert E. Lee’s statue. The new objects include a cloth worn at the 400th celebration of 1619, an LGBTQ pride pin and an expired vial of COVID vaccine. An aborted fetus would seem appropriate as well, along with a mask and Antifa or BLM flag. That would round out the sacraments of pagans and their apostate “Christian” hangers-on in our era.

The Commenter Formerly Known As fp
The Commenter Formerly Known As fp
1 year ago
Reply to  Cherrera

Don’t forget the mural of St. George of the Blessed Fentanyl — preferably one that wasn’t struck by lightning.

I must admit I got a chuckle out of the Taliban painting over the Left’s favorite career criminal who died of an overdose. That twisted their panties tighter than any act of terrorism.

1 year ago

Yeah, that was funny. It was yet another incident disproving the silly notion that “people of color” all get along and are united against their white oppressors. The Taliban hates BLM, the KKK, the NBA, Baptists, Catholics and atheists with the same vigor. Infidels, all!