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Toby’s Working on Something

Love to have you join me this September-October for a 7 week live online class on a Theology of Work: Vocation,…

Posted by Toby J. Sumpter on Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Drive Me There

And according to our usual custom, more here.

All About Romans

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New Sweater Vest Dialogue

Sweater Vest Dialogue Ep 5

Favorite #SweaterVestDialogue yet? Darwin and Idolatry / Sweater Vest Dialogues / Douglas Wilson James White / Alpha and Omega Ministries

Posted by Canon Press on Monday, July 27, 2020

If Only There Were An Alternative to the Public Schools . . .

I removed the meme that was posted here because it was apparently a lie. Apologies for passing on bum dope.

Christ-Centered Unity

Christ-Centered Unity

"This is not a social economic movement. This is not a demographic thing. This is not a lobbying organization called 'evangelical Christians'. This is the Body of Christ. We are the forgiven. We are the cleansed. We are the human race 2.0. And not just in our church—anybody who knows God through Christ in all the other evangelical churches around the Palouse—they are part of this same wonderful reality." – Douglas WilsonListen to the full sermon:

Posted by Christ Church on Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Listen to the full sermon:

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Nathan Tuggy
Nathan Tuggy

The Antifa-teacher meme appears to be insufficiently-sourced; multiple articles (e.g. trace the photo back to a protest in 2017 (, that has since been cropped and edited. There don’t seem to be any specific references available for the picture’s claim that those particular people were verified to be teachers (and some references that appear to contradict that, in fact).

In fact, this same picture (differently edited) was previously circulating with a different set of false attributions; see So we’d probably better be on guard in case it comes around again, wearing yet another plausible, but misleading, caption.