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Jemima Puddleduck in Latin, Natcherly

If you are one of those Philistines who have never yearned for Peter Rabbit to be rendered into a top drawer Latin version, then there is not much we have to talk about. But if you are among those who have been longing for the day that has now arrived, I am here to tell you that the day has now arrived. Here are the basic product pages: Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, and Jemima Puddleduck.

Peter Rabbit








And if you are one of those whose interests run in classical channels, but are also interested in saving a buck, you can pre-order all three books at a 20% discount here.

In addition, in a marvelous coincidence, today is Beatrix Potter’s birthday.

Friday Open Road

One of the web sites I like to check regularly is Daily Timewaster. Every Friday he runs a series of photographs that he calls Friday Open Road. Photographs like this one . . .

Open Road 1








HT: Stephen Perks









The Secret of Trump’s Appeal

Rod Dreher conducts an important interview here. Oppose Trump all you want, as I intend to do, but if the opposition is to be intelligent and effective, it must understand the source of his appeal.

So Then It’s a Win/Win?

Brad Littlejohn continues his extended review of Peter Leithart’s book Delivered From the Elements of the World. In this third installment of the review, Brad shows that Leithart is far more biblically orthodox on justification than many people think, and that classical Protestants are far more biblically orthodox on justification than Peter Leithart thinks.

Fly Lutheran Air


For those interested in audio sermons from Christ Church, they are accessible from CanonWIRED, as in the site that can be found right here.

Westminsterian Podcast

Here is a new podcast coming out of New St. Andrews. I will be walking through the Westminster Confession, chapter by chapter.


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John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy
6 years ago

Ha! Why pick on the Lutherans. It’s the same across the board. If pilots flew planes the way the church is being “flown,” the entire airline industry would be on the ground and in flames within minutes.

6 years ago

The “Shopping in Texas” video is amusing, but it depicts concealed carry gun owners sweeping the room with the muzzle of their guns. One of the first rules of gun safety is never to muzzle anything that you don’t intend to shoot. Texas isn’t Hollywood. :-)