The Content Cluster Muster (07.22.21)

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Open Road in Color and B&W

And more here.

Jokes I Like to Tell

A Jewish mother was walking along a solitary beach with her only son, a boy about five years old. They were having a good time, and were chatting happily, when suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a huge wave came crashing on to the beach. It took both of them completely by surprise, and because she was so startled, she let go of her son’s hand. He, being young and very slight, was dragged out to sea, and he disappeared.

The mother did not know how to swim, and did not know where she would swim if she could. The whole thing seemed so final, so emphatic, so settled. And so she lifted her face to the sky and began crying out to God.

“God, this was my only son! He was our pride and joy! Why would you do something like this, so meaningless, so cruel, so pointless?”

She carried on this way, and it was looking like she was intent on pressing her point as far as she could. “God . . .”

But then, just as suddenly as it had happened the first time, another great wave came crashing on to the beach, and it brought her boy back to her—soaking wet, coughing, sputtering, and crying. At the same time, it was clear that he was going to be all right.

She looked at him for a moment, and then looked back at the sky. “He had a hat!”

When the Funnies Were Prophetic

Wait. Let Me Get a Pen and Pencil.

Really Worth a Read

This right here.

Okay. That’s Well Done, Right There.

Notes and Comments on the Apostles’ Creed

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