The Content Cluster Muster (07.21.16)

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And now, to blow your mind…

Babylon, Not Athens

I take issue with a few things here and there, but there are some fantastic observations here from The Gospel Coalition Aussie-Division.

Littlejohn on Leithart

As mentioned in a previous installment, Brad Littlejohn is publishing an extended review of Peter Leithart’s latest book Delivered From the Elements of the World. Part two is now up.

Amazon Informs Me . . .

Amazon is kind enough to inform me periodically what links over here drive traffic over there. Outlaws of Time is one of those links, and so I thought I would juice it a little bit more.

Outlaws Time







The Church at Philadelphia

I am continuing to work through the book of Revelation piece by piece, and here is the latest installment.

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Becky Pliego
Becky Pliego

Thank you for the study on the book of Revelation, Pastor. It has been very helpful, especially as it pairs perfectly well with the series you recently preached: Savior of the World.



I think that video woulda blown my mind a little more if it had actually hit my brain and not whizzed right over my head.

Rob Steele
Rob Steele

Fearfully and wonderfully. That’s the upshot.


Ah, gotcha. The fact that there *is* so much going on in a single cell that I can’t even follow an explanation is, in itself, mind-blowing.

Rob Steele
Rob Steele

Right. I expect that the people who know most about it know that there’s even more that they don’t know. It’s amazing how useful partial knowledge can be though.