The Content Cluster Muster (07.12.18)

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The Web Makes us Grateful for things we never knew we should be grateful for…like peekaboo tricks on parrots

Have I mentioned any of my ebooks lately?

Birch Avenue

And, as always, more here:

A Recent Interview on the Revoice Conference:

Make Sure to Follow the Christ Kirk Blog

Sharenting about Parenting

And a Little Video Short by Some Friends . . .

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Doug, your link to breakpoint was a good read. I have some concerns though with a couple of comments he made. Later in the article he writes The unquestioning acceptance of cremation (and creative and even less reverent alternatives for body disposal), birth control, IVF and surrogacy, and now “LGBT” terminology and the “gay Christian” identification are all prominent examples. Suggesting that these are topics which we can know about based on inferences. Still, we need to analyse them, some in more depth than others. But earlier he says Do we need chapters and verses condemning women in military combat… Read more »


With regard to the surrogacy question I would be interested on your thoughts. I am aware that Matthew Hosier often mentions he thinks it is morally questionable but I have not come across a clarification of his objection.

John Callaghan
John Callaghan

Here’s a good explanation:

Surrogacy offends the marital covenant and it treats the body of the surrogate mother as an object of use, and if money is involved, an object to be rented.

(from Why Surrogacy Violates Human Dignity)

If you want to take a very deep dive into the moral problems with surrogacy, Donum Vitae lays out a very detailed argument.


Thanks John. Read the first article. My problem is that they make these claims without support. IVF aside (this is a related question but not the same question), I don’t see the Bible opposing it. For example we have the situation of Samuel where another brought him up. We have the examples of Sarah, Rachel and Leah and their servant girls, we have the example of Tamar, we have the requirement of Levirate marriage. You could argue that some of these turned out poorly which I concede, though I dispute that the are by necessity examples of why surrogacy is… Read more »