The Content Cluster Muster (07.05.18)

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So THAT’S How it Works!

Now We Have to Stop and Get the Skateboard Out

As always, more here.

The Rhyme to Trump’s Capitalization Madness?

As Seen on the Internet

Learn to pray like the Psalmists, or else…

Curmudgeon at His Best

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Did you see Challies on public schooling? I would say that the response from at least one of our children would be similar to his son’s. Though not certain whether I agree. We have public schooled though not sure it is the best choice. And suspect it will be getting worse in the years to come.

JP Stewart

I certainly wouldn’t send kids to a public school in Canada of all places. They’re several years ahead of the U.S. (sans California maybe) when it comes to PC/LGBTQ madness and indoctrination:

Then again, Challies has a “wait and see and sort it out later” attitude about Revoice–instead of calling a spade a spade like DW and Bayly. But he has no problem bashing Christian husbands for every conceivable sin or weakness…while going super easy on wives, like most other celebrity pastors.


Perhaps now. But his son has finished school. I agree it is getting worse. The other issue is whether a particular community is reflective of the culture. There are conservative enclaves in various countries, and some liberals question the SJW and gay narratives.


The sign he is holding up!


Hadn’t read Challies recently but, based on some recollections, I wouldn’t be surprised if he acted churchian by hammering husbands but winning wives.