The Content Cluster Muster (06.18.20)

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Keeping Watching for New NSA Spots

Sharp. Hard. Handcrafted in Idaho

Biblically integrated. Culturally potent. In-person. This Fall.

Posted by New Saint Andrews College on Saturday, June 20, 2020
A Cask Strength Education

Appreciate the finer things in life. A real education doesn't go down like a juice box. Give your sons and daughters a cask strength education.In-person. This fall.

Posted by New Saint Andrews College on Tuesday, June 16, 2020
Boys will be boys.

Going against the flow since 1994. In person. This fall.

Posted by New Saint Andrews College on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

A Word for the Moment

What Kids Need

What Kids Need

"Your kids don’t need some graven image of childhood. They don’t need an idol of your imagining what family life is supposed to be like. They need you to be faithful to Christ today. They need to see you looking to Christ, trusting in Christ, holding fast to Christ in the midst of everything, and then smiling a lot because Christ is enough." – Pastor Toby Sumpter

Posted by Christ Church on Tuesday, June 9, 2020

That About Covers It

Just like a sombrero would . . .

Open Road, Of Course

And more here . . .

Peter Hitchens Taking a Stroll

And Just for Fun, One of My Playlists

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Nathan Smith

I don’t usually go in for clips of preaching, but I thought that was really good about what kids need the most. Was that Toby Sumpter?

I will add a hearty amen.


Yep, that’s Toby!


Pastor, your media department is fantastic!!

Kristina Zubic
Kristina Zubic

I second that!

Tim Roach
Tim Roach

Would love to share individual items from
“The Content Cluster Muster”
Maybe someone will instruct me how?


The embellished version of the Hitchens video: