The Content Cluster Muster (05.14.20)

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BZ with a new book

Cozy Open Road

More here.

A Postmill Primer

Allow me to recommend to you — despite the fact that I am featured in it — a documentary on postmillennialism. This is a very good introduction to those who might be interested in an alternative to last days fever.

Neutrality on Display!

An astute reader sent this link to us. You type in an opening sentence, and an objective dispassionate AI thingy finishes your thought for you. You can verify for yourself how objective it is.

For example, I typed in “Scripture prohibits homosexuality.” The way Science finished this thought was uncanny: “Premier David Cameron has said: ‘The Government is committed to delivering the same equality as heterosexual couples for a strong equalities partnership, and that includes a law that will stop individuals or companies discriminating against people on the basis of their sexual orientation.'”

No Touching

Please Realize that the Year 2020 is Not Even Half Over

Putting Artificial Intelligence to Good Use by Making Up for Average Joe Inteligence

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Yeah so I decided to give the “objective dispassionate AI thingy” a try. Well, in truth I gave it a few tries since it has a handy GENERATE ANOTHER button. Here’s what it gave me on an early try: God created the universe and God saw that it was very good.” 19 The literal meaning of the words is, “God saw it was good.” 19 While this verse does not directly address the issue of science or the role that human activity plays in the environment, it is important to point out that this is the interpretation put on what… Read more »


Was there supposed to be a link or pic or something under “Please Realize that the Year 2020 is Not Even Half Over”?


Give me liberty…
…or death.” A dozen or so local activists met near the battle site at the ballpark. Some held signs that said, “The people want democracy.” Others had assembled out of curiosity or anger.

Some self-identifying leftists, Democrats and libertarians supported the police. A city council member whose seat is now vacant said some attendees were confused about what was going on.



I tried that auto writing thing and got this (my phase in bold): In the Bible, homosexuality is clearly taught to be contrary to God’s will: In Leviticus 18:22, a reprobate man can marry any sort of woman he wants, but women aren’t allowed to marry a man. In Leviticus 20:13, a homosexual couple is allowed to be married. In light of that, it would seem ironic if a man named Dennis Murphy, who has suggested that marriage laws should be changed in the past to allow for same-sex couples to wed, was the one who was attacked by a… Read more »

Tim Bloedow
Tim Bloedow

Neutrality on display: I typed in “I love my wife,” and it produced: “I love my wife, my kids, my parents and my family. I love my church. If I had more time to think, I would love God even more”