The Content Cluster Muster (05.13.21)

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Open Road by the Sea

And more here.

Screwtape for Women

Some good stuff here and here.

Some Lessons We All Need to Master

And I am talking about the fundamental rules of politics.

Jokes I Like to Tell

One time an elderly man and his wife were unfortunately killed in a car accident. But the pain was only momentary, and just a blink later they found themselves standing at the Pearly Gates. The angel on duty there was quite affable, and did his best to make them feel welcome and at home. He had them wait for a few moments until his relief angel came, and he offered to show them around a little bit.

They accepted, and as they started their tour, they were both very pleased at how their day was going. They went inside the gates, and found themselves on an exquisitely manicured lawn, one with a well-kept path that wound up through some stately trees—an arboretum that crested over a small ridge. As they crossed the ridge, they saw below them a building that looked like the fanciest country club that had ever been built, and beyond that building was a clear mountain lake, clear as crystal.

The wife glanced at her husband, wanting to share the moment, but saw that he was starting to go down into one of his moods. She decided not to say anything. Before walking past the building to look at the lake, the angel suggested that they stop in the building, which was in fact a celestial country club, and grab a quick bite to eat.

They went in, and the first thing they saw was a long table, covered with choice meats, fancy breads, muffins, assorted fruits, and more. They recognized some of the foods, but all of it looked delicious. The wife saw some of her husband’s favorites, and risked a glance at him again, sure that he would be delighted. But to her astonishment, by this point he was glowering.

And this time, she couldn’t contain herself. “Honey,” she said. “What’s wrong? This place is beyond wonderful.”

That is when he wheeled on her. “Look,” he said, “if it hadn’t been for you and those bran muffins, I would have been here ten years ago!”

Pretty Good . . .

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Mark C
4 months ago

Re Calvin and Hobbes:
As the owner of a complete Calvin and Hobbes box set I approve this comic ;-)

Ben Greenfield
4 months ago

Probably the most important letter you’ll receive all week…

…*where* do you like to discover good jokes?