The Content Cluster Muster (04.29.21)

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That Makes Sense . . .

Nothing Like An Open Road

And more good stuff here.

Jokes I Like to Tell

Once there was a Norwegian bachelor who farmed his own place in northern Minnesota. He was nice enough, and a kind man, but he always saw the gloomy side of everything. Seeing a glass half empty was for him wild and untethered optimism. In addition to this, he was getting on in years, well into his thirties, and because men turn into old maids faster than women do, he was starting to develop some crotchets. But he was a hard worker, and had become fairly prosperous. And despite his dour approach to things, he was nice looking.

And then, one spring, much to the astonishment of everyone in his small Lutheran church, he met and married a sweet Christian girl. He had met her at the farmer’s market two towns over, where their booths were right next to each other. She was really something, and nobody could figure out how that had happened.

One day, a few weeks after their honeymoon, they were visiting with folks after church in the fellowship hour, and someone asked him how the honeymoon was, and he, according to his usual custom in speaking about everything, said, “Well, it could have been worse.” He must have seen his questioner blink in surprise, and so he looked over at his bride, and saw the horrified look on her face.

“No, no—that’s not what I meant!” He cried. “It could have been a lot worse!”

More Please

An Oregon town declares an emergency . . . on account of the drought of common sense.

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