The Content Cluster Muster (03.26.20)

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Visit NSA Virtually

Beginning Hebrew with Dr. Edwards | Virtual Visit Weekend

Join Dr. Tim Edwards for a lesson on Beginning Hebrew at the NSA Virtual Visit Weekend 2020!

Posted by New Saint Andrews College on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Dr. Mike Lawyer on the Fight Laugh Feast Network

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Lots of Good Ones This Time

And more here . . .

Wake Up, Sheeple

Worship Interrupted: A Judgment of God

Worship Interrupted: A Judgment of God

"Joel teaches us that when God’s people turn away from Him, the central thing they have turned away from is worship of Him. And so He removes His blessings from their midst, and the central sign of that judgment is the removal of public worship from their midst. If we were ever in any doubt about whether we are under the judgment of God, let there be no mistake: we are under the judgement of God because we are not worshipping God together this morning. He has taken away the grain offering and drink offering from the house of God.But if we will call on the name of the Lord. If we will turn back to Him with all our heart, and seek His word and seek His ways, He will pour out His Spirit upon us once more and deliver us from all our enemies." – Toby J. SumpterWatch or read the whole sermon:

Posted by Christ Church on Monday, March 23, 2020
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