The Content Cluster Muster (03.19.20)

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The Bad Idea of Private Communion

People Do People Things

Always Another Stretch of Beautiful Road

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Desperation and Wish Fulfillment

Equal Pay, But Not For Liam

“Worship” “Songs”

No Worries, The Burglar Washed His Hands

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What if the church is doing an online conference for the Sunday worship service and the elders lead the liturgy of communion with all members partaking simultaneously via live stream?


Don’t have a dog in this fight but do find it curious. Wonder what Ben Zornes’ thinking is about the parallels of Communion and Passover. Passover was (and mostly still is) a family affair. The original Lord’s Supper was the Passover redux and it was a small, private rite, maybe 12 or 13 close friends / brothers. So I see no harm in a family communion unless you can point to a prohibition of it in Scripture. I know nothing of the passage stipulating it be presided over by an elder, perhaps someone can edify me. Human tradition has a… Read more »


That is an interesting thought… I know my PCA pastor is very clear (every Sunday) about the Session’s duty to “fence the table,” to the point of telling people to abstain from participating if they haven’t “dealt with sin” in their lives…which comes right after a corporate prayer of confession. He often cites the passage where Paul mentions those sick and asleep among the brethren who failed to discern the body by pigging out while others went hungry, making it sound like a whole lot more “bread and wine” was present in Paul’s day than I see at the front… Read more »


You make some good points. Reference 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 I’ve noticed there are more than one view about the “fencing”, and it hinges on how one interprets verses 27-34, or more narrowly verses 27-30. But regardless of that, nowhere in the entire passage does Paul prohibit or even address the matter of “private communion”, as our dear brother Zornes calls it. I am of the view that if Communion is to be a church event, then proper controls are warranted, including restrictions on who can serve as well as partake. Anyone who disagrees strongly enough with how a particular church… Read more »


And besides, sells 4-serving sets so it must be ok.|1006257