The Content Cluster Muster (03.05.20)

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Now That’s a Bit of All Right

More here. Some good ones too.

Apparently a Subject of Some Interest

So we recorded this almost ten years ago, and yet it remains one of the most consistently viewed of all our Ask Doug videos, competing heartily with the new ones. That being the case, I thought throw it into circulation here. This is something you really want to know about.

How many GIFS does it take to change a light bulb?

Even if You’re Having a Bad Day, It’s Not This Bad

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nathan smith
nathan smith
2 years ago

I think Milton’s Paradise Lost has a lot of influence on our view of hell. All those baddies get cast out and they form hell and its this gloriously dark place ruled over by Lucifer. Its been a few years but that’s the impression it made on me. All those old cartoons where hell is down underground and Satan is having a marvelous time torturing everyone… like hell is his domain.

But I’m pretty sure that in the real hell we’ll all have to wear green undershirts like Benjamin Merkle.

2 years ago
Reply to  nathan smith

That goes back at least to Dante, but Milton definitely didn’t help.

2 years ago

The Incline – Colorado Springs, CO.