The Content Cluster Muster (01.23.20)

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CrossPolitic, On the Road

A New Entry in the Annals of Terrible Ideas

Is your church languishing? Rejuvenate it by kicking out the oldsters. Here.

An Open Road to the Sun

And more here.

Grace & Peace

Could be Titled: “Send Your Kids to New Saint Andrews.”

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Kick out the oldsters? Yeah, I can see that. A few years ago a long-established church in my area lost their pastor. He’d been there for 12 or 15 years and the congregation was thriving, 2 services on Sunday morning and a vibrant school. But he decided he wanted to go back to California and be closer to his family. Or so he said. Some said his wife decided. But whatever. The church itself was well vested and known in the community, had been there for decades and was a no-nonsense Bible believing and Bible preaching outfit. But when he… Read more »


Kicking out the old folks is just plain dumb, and very sinful. But what this reflects is a difference in values, and that is very real. It seems like there is a very real unwillingness for both sides to give. The very fact that there is even “sides” is bad, but that dynamic is very real. Two examples from my congregation nail it. (1) When I arrived as a member, we were an older church who had been losing attendance for 20 years. After my family, the new pastor, and then one other couple came, we now had 10 additional… Read more »

Nathan Smith

“If you like your church, you can keep your church.” – Not Barack Obama This article is just from the local newspaper I assume. Its not the whole story. I wonder if it’s written by a believer who is incensed and trying to give a removed, objective look or if it is just a filler article by someone who doesn’t have a dog in the race. At any rate there is no one calling it sin, which it is. And what is a church? Not a social club which is how it is being treated at least by the New… Read more »


There was a follow-up article I saw linked (but didn’t read, because paywall) saying that the church story was misrepresented. Perhaps someone could hunt that down.


Nothing surprising about a shove grandpa and grandma toward the door proposal in a culture dominated by the cult of youth, but if that’s the only idea for revival that occurs to the UMC then you begin to see why their denomination is declining in the first place.