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Don’t miss the February 1st deadline for Called Conference and the Pacific Northwest Scholarship from New Saint Andrews College!

A Quieter Open Road

The Sovereignty of God (Reformed Basics)

The Sovereignty of God (Reformed Basics)

The great preacher Charles Spurgeon once responded, when asked how he reconciled God's sovereignty with human responsibility, that he did not—he never reconciled friends. There is no tension between the authority of the Creator and the freedom of the creature.Watch on Amazon Prime Video:

Posted by Christ Church on Friday, January 10, 2020
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Heartening News Out of Texas

As In, Way Out Of

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I just for the first time listened to your debate with Joel McDurmon on capital punishment and the cherem principle. I was surprised by your answer on the Sabbath-breaking laws. You basically acted like those laws still applied but were in a different category (thereby having different punishments). I think it’s simpler than that. While the Sabbath principle from creation for rest is still in effect, the Sabbath laws are not. Christ fulfilled those laws in himself. We find our rest in Christ and all days are the same for us from a theological perspective. We have no respect for… Read more »