The Content Cluster Muster (01.04.18)

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A Book by Dr. McIntosh, an NSA Faculty Member

Jonathan McIntosh is a professor at New Saint Andrews, and has written a book interacting with Tolkien and St. Thomas Aquinas. Worth adding to your 2018 reading list.


Open Roads Sometimes Have a Snowfloor

Click on the pic for more.

Not All Days Are Equally Smooth

A Curious Technique for Musical Composition

Watching Sheep Be Herded is Quite Transfixing

Not Gangsta Enough

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I haven’t read the book you mentioned about how it is moral to use oil. I thought Beisner makes a good argument here for the morality of capitalism and the environment. How environmental problems relate to not enough capitalism because negative externalities are not costed by the government. And he makes good points about the positives ones that benefit many.

JP Stewart

The #nevermoore crowd must be proud of themselves now:
“Mike Pence swears in Doug Jones as gay son appears to stare him (Pence) down”

Interestingly, I heard nothing about Jones’ family during the election and didn’t know his son was a homosexual. There’s a rumor that Jones has multiple divorces, but no one in the media bothered to investigate that…they were too busy cheerleading him and conducting the Moore witch hunt.

Jill Smith

Hi JP, Moore posted something about Jones’s gay son on his website a couple of days before the election. I thought it was not a good idea considering that Moore’s own son has had eight arrests, some of which were for drug violations. Jones did not mention Moore’s son in his campaign , so it seemed unfair to me that Moore brought it up. Any of us can have disappointing or troubled children, and I wish they could be left out of it unless they are working for the campaign. I don’t know about multiple divorces, but Jones has been… Read more »