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Just a couple of quick pictures from the UK. As I have mentioned before, my oldest daughter and family have been at Oxford for the year while Ben has been studying there. And while Ben was with the NSA college tour, the rest of the troops recently went to Tintagel, where Geoffery of Monmouth placed Uther, the father of Arthur. I have always dismissed the scholarly notion “that Arthur, if he existed, was some kind of village chieftain who won some kind of skirmish.” Yeah, right. But these pictures (and some others) brought home to me (again) just how much the ancients actually were able to accomplish. There was a lot more going on in the Britain of that day than grunting and pointing.

The first picture shows the outlines of the castle walls, and the second is the gang illustrating what a blustery day it was.

A clarification: These are not the ruined walls of Uther’s place, but of a castle built later. Still really cool, and the point stands, unlike Uther’s abode.

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