So Check Out the Story

Last week I mentioned that Nate has had a short story published in The Chattahoochee Review. For those of you interested in that story, “Conversations with Tod,” the folks there have now posted an excerpt on their website. It is not just the father in me that thinks this story is going places. Well, actually it is not going places in the sense that it should stay put at the links I provided. Anyhow . . .

The entire story will not appear online, but because of the interest in this particular issue (and this particular story), they are offering a discounted price on single issues or subscriptions. A hard copy of the single issue is now available for $3 and subscriptions are available for $9. Normal prices are $6 and $16 respectively. You may purchase an issue or subscription from their website. Choose either the One Week Special (for the $3 issue) or the $9 E-subscription from their menu. For a print subscription, just make a note of this offer in the special instructions box. The offer expires a week from now.

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