Well, Then. Have At It.

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I am glad to announce a new feature of this blog, which is that it is actually becoming a blog. Up to this point, it has been more of a web site, without the capacity for you all to respond or comment.

But as of this morning, you should notice at the bottom of each post a place for you to register your comments. We had to spend some time figuring out how to do this in a way that would not be burdensome for you, and at the same time would allow us to prevent certain Amalekites from posting — our server can’t handle their script.

In the process of posting, you will be asked for your name and a real email address. A password will be sent to that address, and after that you can post. This is a one-time deal — after the initial sign-up, you can use the same password for all subsequent comments.

I also have the capacity for deactivating the account of any poster who misbehaves. In the course of signing up, you will encounter “the rules” that will guide my decision-making process in doing so — but it would include flaming, breaking any of the Ten Commandments, straying way off topic, writing posts while in your skivvies, that sort of thing.

Many thanks go to John Moss, who consistently has done great work in designing and modifying aspects of this site.

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