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I was just at one of our monthly school board meetings for Logos School last night, and was greatly encouraged by what is continuing to happen in our classrooms — as I am frequently encouraged by the reports at our board meetings. For just one example, over a million kids participated in the National Merit testing this year. About 16,000 were named as National Merit Finalists (not semi-finalists). Three of them were from Logos. The per capita ratios here (finalists to class size) are astounding. The education that is being provided at Logos is, entirely by the grace of God, top-drawer.

Logos generates a lot of materials that homeschoolers and other Christian schools can use, and they can be found here. For encouragement and instruction, there is a Logos School blog. And for nuts and bolts help with that difficult subject of logic (that many homeschooling parents are trying to provide without ever having taken themselves), Logos’s Logic teacher Jim Nance has an interactive blog on the subject.

A lot is going on, and a lot of help is available.

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