Quite a Sale, Actually

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So I wanted to be sure to get word to you about about a sale at Canon that is probably the greatest thing since Paul’s second missionary journey. Okay, that’s not right. I kind of overstated a little bit. Many apologies, I’m sure..

But here are the details, and let’s let you decide. As you might know, Canon publishes a modern edition of the Geneva Bible New Testament, and starting on this coming Monday, they are bundling it together with my book When the Man Comes Around, a commentary on Revelation, and selling the two together for more than 50% off. The link is here. But don’t rush off. It doesn’t start until Monday. Rush off on Monday.

I have really enjoyed reading through the Modernized Geneva, and it comes in a really nice box set. The original version was the work of a team of men in John Knox’s congregation in Geneva during the reign of Bloody Mary, and it is really wonderful to see that tradition continuing on.