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So some months ago Blog & Mablog moved into our new digs, and we have been some time in getting everything out of the cardboard boxes and organized. Now that we are basically there, I thought I should explain some things, and also draw your attention to some features — both new and old.

This kind of thing is found under the top menu bar Video/Video Gallery . . .

First order of business is to thank Joe Ardeeser, who is the talent behind all of this. If something works and is really slick, he is the one who did it. If something is broken, I was quite possibly involved. I recommend his work highly.

One of the new features I am really excited about is found under About in the top menu bar. The second feature down is called Blog Post Scripture Index. Go there for a minute and fool around. Basically you go there and select a book of the Bible, and all the places where that book is cited somewhere on Mablog pop up.

The search bar is now in the upper right corner. Use it with discretion.

An old feature, Controversy Library, is also located under About (fourth down), but there is also a short form way to address FAQ about controversies. On the front page, just under About the Proprietor is a section called Critical Questions. If anybody wants a “quick take” on what I think about racial issues, sexual justice, or justification by faith alone can find a relevant statement there.

As I post new content, the two most recent blog posts are at the top, “above the fold.” Just beneath the second post there is a button that says “See All Blog Posts.” If you click on that, you will find yourself looking at the complete blog feed, including things like selected quotes that I post, or the Friday cartoon, or Thursday’s Content Cluster. The cartoon and the Content Cluster appear on the front page, down beneath the fold, near the bottom. The quotes I post are only available if you click through at the top.

The next feature would be books that I have written, or members of my family. There are six books displayed on the front page, but if you click on the “See All Books” button just beneath, another stupendous feature will unveil itself. You can select a search filter, and get a quick list of who has written what.

The next row down is a list of institutions I started, or had a hand in starting. If you want to know more about that, just click on the relevant image.

Below that, reading from left to right, is a place to listen to my most recent Plodcast, and right next to that is the Sermon Feed. Some of you know that we had some difficulties with that one, involving a lapsed website and lost credentials, but it should be fixed now, and should update regularly.

Then there are some Ask Doug videos, four to be precise, and a button to see them all.

The last feature is the most recent Content Cluster, and the most recent Friday cartoon.

So there you have it. If you want info about pretty much anything that I am involved with (aside, obviously, from my roles in the CIA, the Illuminati, and George Soros’ pro-immigration lobbying efforts), you can find a place here that will enable you to click through. Enjoy.

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2 years ago

I’m unable to subscribe to your blog. The “have em delivered” button is broken

Joseph Hession
Joseph Hession
2 years ago

Discrn (sp?) in bookmarks right sidebar.

2 years ago
Reply to  Joseph Hession

Yup, there’s no c in Disrn.

Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith
2 years ago

I wish “See All Blog Posts” was at the very top instead of below the first few articles.

Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith
2 years ago
Reply to  Nathan Smith

Thank you.