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Updated: now includes a broad job description.

I am passing on a press release for Logos School. If you or someone you know is qualified for this critical position, and is interested in applying for it, please contact us at


In an effort to better meet the needs of Christian families who desire a rigorous classical and Christian education for their children, Logos School is fundamentally changing the structure of their operations. Rather than operate a single-site preK-12 campus or a multi-site, single administrative model, a private Logos School District is now being created. The district will be helmed by a unified board with a District Superintendent as chief executive and will consist of multiple grammar/elementary schools, each with their own Head of School on site. A single Principal of Grammar Education will oversee the vision and pedagogical execution in those schools, ensuring curricular and cultural unity across campuses. A Principal of Dialectic and Rhetoric Education will oversee the unified 7-12 secondary school. Both Principals will report to the District Superintendent. 

The Logos School Board is currently accepting applications from qualified candidates for the new position of District Superintendent, expecting that new hire to have a voice in helping the board choose a Principal of Grammar Education, and a Principal of Dialectic and Rhetoric Education.

Applicants can submit CVs to


Logos School in Moscow, ID, a single site K-12 school for most of its 40 year history is now reorganizing into an independent regional school district that will establish and maintain multiple schools throughout the Palouse.

Founded in 1981, Logos School pioneered what is now known as “classical and Christian education,” kicking off a mostly private school movement and model now used to educate hundreds of thousands of students worldwide.

Always a flagship school for the classical Christian movement, Logos School is once again looking to break new ground in the movement.

“Our goal has always been to serve as many like-minded families as possible,” says board chairman, Joe Casebolt. “Which is why, in our entire history, we’ve never turned away families for money. But we’ve gotten really tired of turning them away due to space. It’s become obvious to the board that our model has to change, if we’re going to accomplish our goals for the next forty years.”

To that end, Logos School is now becoming The Logos School District. The board’s plan is to multiply elementary schools around the region which will all feed into a new secondary school campus to be built on the northeast side of Moscow. 

The move will begin with just one new elementary school and will hopefully grow into three elementary schools over the next few years, Casebolt says. That site multiplication combined with the construction of a new secondary school is quite ambitious, especially given the upcoming departure of current superintendent, Larry Stephenson, who is retiring from the school to focus on classical education online.

“We’ve really appreciated the leadership Dr. Stephenson has provided over the last few years,” Casebolt says, “as well as the leadership of Tom Garfield before him. Those men gave an incredible amount to the school, and we will continue to benefit from their investments going forward. But in a very real way, the challenge ahead of us is the biggest and most exciting opportunity in our history.”

Casebolt added: “We’re currently seeking high capacity candidates who are excited about the opportunity to create something truly new in this educational movement, and to do it in this community, the community that has for decades been the headwaters of the classical Christian movement globally.”

Local pastor, Douglas Wilson, one of the three founders of Logos School, and the only one still serving on the board, had this to say:

“In its relatively short history, the resurgence of the classical Christian model has resulted in a tremendous amount of fruit in the lives of hundreds of thousands of students. And this movement is still only in its adolescence. We are blessed and humbled by the opportunity we are being given to once again make our mark on the history of classical education. The next few years will be momentous for Logos School, for our families, for this local community, and for the classical Christian movement nationally.”

Logos School currently makes its home on Baker Street in Moscow, with an enrollment approaching 500 students. The school board has not yet announced the location of its first new site.