Now That’s A Lot of Water, Right There

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I really enjoyed the first installment of The Riot and the Dance. It was fantastic, and this second contribution, dealing with the world of water this time, is even better. Three years in the making, and releasing on March 6, The Riot and the Dance: Water is going to be making waves near you. If you want evidence of how good it is going to be, the accompanying photo is a still taken from the movie.

Now I have to relate a little background for you. When Nate informed his mother that they were going to go swim with sharks in order to film them, one natural question had to do with how good the cages would be. And somewhere in there, not sure exactly how it happened now, his mother found out that there would be no cages. You will see the fantastic cinematic results of that in this film as well, and you will even be able to see that entire crew came back with all their appendages.

As mentioned above, this film took three years of production and the results are amazing. As Nate put it, “The theme of the film (beyond God’s amazing creativity and craftsmanship) is baptism, and I hope it is a blessing to families in all of your communities.”

The first Riot was released in selected theaters around the country, but the drill is a little bit different this time around. Here is your explanation, so pay close attention. Any church can receive a public display Blu-Ray of the new film and a license for unlimited for-profit or non-profit public screenings for $195. If you sign up before February 14, there’s a bunch of free swag thrown in as well.

What that license means is that you can show the film wherever or however you want —in a sanctuary, a classroom, a theater, an auditorium. You can make the screening an outreach event, free of charge for members of your community, or you can sell tickets as a fundraiser and use 100% of the profit wherever it’s needed. This public license is intended to provide you with maximum flexibility.

I said churches above, but it is also available for schools, or any other organizations. You can use the events as fundraisers or as free outreach events.

And what you do is sign up at