Meat and Potatoes Blues

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In the most recent Credenda on the blues, I made this comment in passing. “How are we to make sense of all this as Christians? The blues, just like everything else we try to think about, are not neutral. Nothing is ever neutral. So how are we to evaluate what we listen to? Should we listen to it? And how should Christian blues artists (all three of them) take these things into account as they write and perform?” In response to the “all three of them” comment (I suppose), just the other day I got a surprise CD in the mail by an artist named Donnie V. The name of the album is Hard Rain Fall, and is full of very good, very basic, meat and potatoes blues. Some of the numbers have some really good gravy slathered on them as well. The album is acoustic blues, in the John Hammond school, and is really quite fine. Those who are interested in finding out more can go here.

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