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Welcome to What sort of postings might one expect here? Lord willing, and the creeks don’t rise, this is how things will go. Each day of the week will have a regular and recurring posting.

Sunday will have the parable that is presented as part of the call to worship at Christ Church. Monday will have a short meditation on one of the psalms. Tuesday will be the Grace and Peace meditation that is currently sent out to the congregation of Christ Church. Each Wednesday will have a little something I call Presbyterian Fables. Thursday will be the day I try to post something about Arts and Education. Friday is for current events. On Saturdays I will post a sabbath prayer.

At the end of each month, the postings will be archived according to category. In addition to all this I will feel free to post on random subjects as the muse marches me up to her gallows.

To the right you see various books of mine that different colporteurs have for sale, and to the left there are a few additional categories that might interest some of you. Sermon outlines are available over there, along with some poems that to date have won no awards. The songs are a category from another era, another time, a time of innocence. I used to be in a band, kind of. There are also some outlines for some of the electives that I teach at New St. Andrews College. Feel free to rummage about.


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