Boys and Poetry

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One of the great disasters of our day (and there are many to choose from) can be found in the fact that most boys hold poetry in contempt. For various reasons, and it is a long and sordid story, a love for poetry can get you designated as some kind of a swish. This is not surprising, given some of the poetry that modern boys are sometimes required to endure.

But at the same time, when we consider the literary history of the human race, the fact is nothing short of astonishing. Imagine trying to explain this bizarre view to the author of Beowulf or to Homer.

Anyhow, do you have a boy who needs to learn the manly art of scansion? Has he enrolled yet with zarafa tutorials at Why not? Is he a sissy?


[Note to the intoleristas who are monitoring this site for hate crimes and other gender-specific improprieties: no animals were hurt in the making of the above generalizations, and that should count for a great deal.]


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