A Ripping Good Adventure Yarn

A few weeks ago, Christianity Today reviewed Leepike Ridge in their print edition. They have now put that review on the front page of their web site here.

And in other related news, the July/August edition of The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books (published by Johns Hopkins) reviewed Nate’s book and gave it a starred review. Here is the conclusion of their evaluation of the book.

“This is a ripping good adventure yarn, made even better by its loose but clever patterning on the Odyssey, with the widow fending off villainous suitors and clinging to the belief that her beloved will make his way home and the voyager passing through the underworld before returning to claim his kingdom–in this case rights to the archaeological treasure buried beneath the mountain. Villains are deliciously stupid and nasty, the toggles between above and below ground action are deftly paced, and even the nature of the treasure–evidence that pre-Columbian Asiatic peoples arrived in North America by ship–is intriguing. Here’s the perfect remedy for any summer that’s been disappointingly short on thrills.”

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