A Riotous Investment Opportunity

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Many of you have already enjoyed the two films in The Riot and the Dance franchise. Well, there is a lot more on the way, and below is some information on how you can become a part of it. I have opened the comments here so that you can respond and discuss.

We are just over a week away from the deadline for a crowd-funded investment opportunity. They have raised $800K thus far, and when they break $1M, they will be able to green light the project. They will also be able to give the go ahead for additional episodes for every $500K raised past that $1M mark. They should be able to film some cute monkeys and stately zebras with that.

Angel Studios (of The Chosen fame) is providing the distribution platform, which means that the word, when filmed, will get out. The format will consist of half hour episodes. After the initial green light at $1M is raised. $5M would be the SEC’s regulatory limit on this particular type of capital raise. That number would assure a full first season.

We live in a world where things can go wrong, which means that investors should never invest money in anything if they are not in a position to lose it. That is what distinguishes investments from other safer options, like burying it in the ground in a napkin. But this investment looks pretty solid. One streaming service has already made a great offer for the entire series, if made, which would now appear to be up to you. Nancy and I have already invested, and are looking forward to seeing our koala. And—just so you know—the investors get their money back plus 20% before the producers start taking any profits.

For those of you who are visual learners, there is a lot more information on all of this below. Hope you can join us.

And here is the pitch for it.

And here is the place where the actual call to action happens.

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Malachi Tarchannen
Malachi Tarchannen
2 years ago

Stunning. Brilliant. Amazing.
And it’s about time Christians answered Jacques Cousteau, Steve Irwin, and David Attenborough. Well done!

2 years ago

I read through all the filings on the website. Very helpful. Is there a place where financial projections are included (i.e. if the Company has sketched out margins for Years 1, 2, etc. of the business)? Would be helpful information to have for investors.

Jacob Fife
Jacob Fife
2 years ago

I see the reference to ‘The Chosen’. Any feedback on this show? I have never seen it. Some in our church love it and folks getting together to watch it together at our church.